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about us

Time Out Pub 1981

The beginning
One of the first pubs to open in Sicily, Time Out Pub starts its walk on 12 April 1981.
Tony and Tania, supported by their parents, come up with the idea on a Christmas day in 1980 and decide to start the pub concept, which for Taormina, even if already internationally famous, is something completely new.
The pub is very small inside but it has a beautiful flight of steps overlooking the ruins of the antique Roman theater called "Odeon" (which is just at the back of Santa Caterina church).
The great location, just a few meters from the main street (Corso Umberto), helps Time Out Pub to become, from the beginning, the meeting point for local and tourists who love the warm atmosphere and the good quality of food and drinks.


A new place
In 1986, the owners decide to move to a bigger place and the choice goes to a quaint restaurant with a large shady beergarden at the back.
The pub opens on 19 February 1987 with a complete new look and it becomes even more popular than the previous one.
Tony starts to understand the importance of showing live sports and he gets organized with big screens and TV digital systems.
In June 1990, during the "Italia 90" Soccer World Cup, (when Ireland comes to Palermo to play its first qualifying round versus Egypt and Holland), Tony meets for the first time the Irish supporters and it's love at first sight!!.

Time Out Pub 1995

Irish 'revolution'
In February 1995, after a few years of logistic problems, Time Out Pub open as an Irish Pub.
There are no Irish tourists in Taormina at the time, but Tony likes the challenge and when, in 1997, Time Out Pub meets Valerie and Sunway, the first Irish travel company that opens in town, it begins a close collaboration which brings the pub to be the meeting point for Irish tourists that come to visit the stunning little town of Taormina.


The new look
At the end of 2006, the owners decide to give to Time Out Pub a new look.
After a few months of hard work the pub reopens on 28 March 2007 with a renewed look and a more International orientated food proposal.
From now on, all the not Italian food nostalgics have a place in Taormina where they can enjoy our Club House Sandwiches, Gourmet Burgers, Chicken Wraps, Beef Wraps, Tuna Wraps, Chicken Burgers, Buffalo Chicken Wings... and much much more.
The perfect place where to feel at home, thousands of miles away from home.
The pub is not a traditional pub; it is a 21st century pub: modern and very cosmopolitan, serving good food and drinks surrounded by great music and a pleasant atmosphere.

Time Out Pub 2007
Time Out Pub 2014

Time Out Pub 2014
On 21 December 2013, we gave a new look and reopened with a touch of green.


So, what is IRISH?
Only one thing is very traditional at Time Out Pub: a good pint of GUINNESS!


The perfect pint
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